Private and group lessons on piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, guitar, mandolin, banjo, harp, woodwinds, brass, drums, and many more.

Open the world of Music for yourself!  Ovation Music Academy is a music school for children and adults.  Is it your dream to play on your favorite musical instrument? Our doors are open for you!  Many children and adults come to Ovation Music Academy to learn, to be inspired, to be lifted up, and to meet new friends who are learning along with them.


We are the Mendez family.  We are from Argentina.  Briana Is 8 years old.  At first we wanted her to play piano, but she was never interested in it.  At some point it looked like she was not into music.  But about 6 months ago a friend of ours who plays the violin asked her if she would be interested in playing the violin.  She did not think it twice and she said yes.  So we bought her a ½ size violin and our friend started teaching her a few songs.  A couple of months after she started I (father) began working with her, mainly to make sure she really wanted to do this.  Every time that I asked her if she still was interested in playing the fiddle she kept on saying yes and she kept working hard to learn more.  About two months ago I started looking for an academy so she would have a strong musical foundation.  That is when I found Ovation Music Academy.  She has been taking classes there since where she has learned many techniques and where she is very happy.